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The polemical works of ʿAlī al-Ṭabarī

Acknowledged as a leading medical expert in his day, and secretary to a succession of caliphs in the mid-ninth century, the Nestorian Christian ʿAlī ibn Rabban al-Ṭabarī converted to Islam around the age of 70. He then wrote Radd ʿalā l-Naṣārā, a recantation of his former faith, and Kitāb al-dīn wa-l-dawla, a defence of the Prophet Muḥammad based substantially on biblical proof-texts. The range of... more

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Christian-Muslim relations : a bibliographical history

2009 Single work   ➥ Monograph : Editions | 12

Christians at the heart of Islamic rule

The chapters in this volume, which come from the Fourth Woodbrooke-Mingana Symposium, cover aspects of Christian life in and around Baghdad in the early centuries of 'Abbasid rule. The authors explore both broad themes, such as the place of monasteries in Muslim cultural life, accusations of Islam as crypto-idolatry, and Muslim responses to Christian apologetic arguments, and also specific topics... more

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The encounter of Eastern Christianity with early Islam

2003 Aggregating work   ➥ Monograph : Editions | 1 ; Translations | 1
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