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La cohabitation religieuse dans les villes européennes, Xᵉ-XVᵉ siècles

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Expulsion and diaspora formation

The eleven essays brought together in this volume explore the relations between expulsion, diaspora, and exile between Late Antiquity and the seventeenth century. The essays range from Hellenistic Egypt to seventeenth-century Hungary and involve expulsion and migration of Jews, Muslims and Protestants. The common goal of these essays is to shed light on a certain number of issues: first, to try ... more

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Faits religieux et manuels d’histoire : contenus, institutions, pratiques : approches comparées à l’échelle internationale

Peut-on et doit-on enseigner les faits religieux à l’école ? À quelles conditions un savoir rigoureux et scientifique sur cette question peut-il être dispensé ? Au moment où, plus que jamais, le religieux est l’objet de multiples projections, qu’il est invoqué, voire instrumentalisé, par des acteurs du champ politique et souvent réduit à la violence qu’il génère, il est important que tous ceux qui... more

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Jews and Christians in Medieval Europe

The name of Bernhard Blumenkranz is well known to all those who study the history of European Jews in the Middle Ages and in particular the history of Jewish-Christian relations. Blumenkranz was born in Vienna in 1913; he left for Switzerland during the war and obtained a doctorate at the University of Basel on the portrayal of Jews in the works of Augustine. He subsequently moved to France wher... more

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Jews in early Christian law

The sixth to eleventh centuries are a crucial formative period for Jewish communities in Byzantium and Latin Europe: this is also a period for which sources are scarce and about which historians have often had to speculate on the basis of scant evidence. The legal sources studied in this volume provide a relative wealth of textual material concerning Jews, and for certain areas and periods are the... more

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The Latin Qur’an, 1143–1500

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Law and religious minorities in Medieval societies

This volume shows through the use of legal sources that law was used to try to erect boundaries between communities in order to regulate or restrict interaction between the faithful and the non-faithful; and at the same time shows how these boundaries were repeatedly transgressed and negotiated. Muslim law developed a clear legal cadre for dhimmīs, inferior but protected non-Muslim communities (i... more

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The legal status of Ḏimmī-s in the Islamic West

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Religion and law in Medieval Christian and Muslim societies (RELMIN)

Cette série propose la publication des travaux effectués au sein du programme ERC RELMIN: The Legal Status of Religious Minorities in the Euro-Mediterranean World (5th-15th centuries). La collection comprend la typologie suivante : actes de colloques (2 par an, donc une dizaine sur les 5 ans), anthologies de textes, monographies, et éventuellement des manuels universitaires. Certains titres seron... more

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Religious minorities in Christian, Jewish and Muslim law (5th-15th centuries)

The fruit of a sustained and close collaboration between historians, linguists and jurists working on the Christian, Muslim and Jewish societies of the Middle Ages, this book explores the theme of religious coexistence (and the problems it poses) from a resolutely comparative perspective. The authors concentrate on a key aspect of this coexistence: the legal status attributed to Jews and Muslims ... more

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Religious minorities, integration and the State

Judaism, Christianity and Islam have coexisted in Europe for over 1300 years. The three monotheistic faiths differ in demography, in the moment of their arrival on the continent and in the unequal relations they maintain with power: Christianity was chosen by a large number of inhabitants and became — in spite of important differences according to place and time —a religion of state. The organizat... more

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