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Avec toi



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  • 1976   Gregorian
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Avec toi   French  

Work type Single work
Biographic work Autobiography
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Adult, serious


At first glance, they had nothing in common: language, religion, handicap, social rank. So how did Suzanne Bresseau (1895-1989), a young Christian woman from Bourguignon, become the wife of Taha Hussein, one of the greatest Arab writers of the 20th century? How did she adapt to the honours, the inner turmoil and the questioning of this blind author —holder of one doctorate from al-Azhar and another from the Sorbonne, and Egyptian Minister of Education — who sought to reconcile Islamic tradition with the modernity of the Enlightenment? These two questions find their ‘response’ in this volume of reminiscences by Suzanne Taha Hussein, recounted in a restrained and elegant manner. It is rare that a woman describes her life shared with a great man, so this personal account is all the more valuable. As she retraces the itinerary of their existence together, Suzanne Taha Hussein vividly evokes sixty years of the turbulent intellectual and political life of Cairo, sixty years of meetings with countless writers and thinkers from both shores of the Mediterranean, and sixty years of Islamo-Christian dialogue. Thus we encounter Mohamed Abdou, the great Islamic reformer in Egypt, Gide, Cocteau, Tagore, Senghor, La Pira, Massignon, Berque, Helen Keller, and countless others. In this astonishingly modern history, it is love — love lost and rediscovered on the other side of death — that infuses these pages. But it is also the combat to persuade the Egypt of today to acknowledge its tripartite Pharaonic, Greek and Islamic legacy. And in so doing, to invent its modernity.


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