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[ترجمة بهلوية لكتاب كليلة ودمنة]


Dubious author

Date of creation
  • Approximately 570   Gregorian
    Approximately 54   Hegirian
Place of origin
  • Iran
Preferred title

[ترجمة بهلوية لكتاب كليلة ودمنة]   Arabic  

Work type Single work
Literary work Allegory
Work manifested Monograph
Work genre Textual work

Adult, general

Nature of content

A collection of didactic animal fables, with jackals Kalila and Demna as two of the principle characters.

History of the work

This work is the Pahlavian (middle) Persian translation of the Sansikrit origin. It has not survived. It was the base of the Arabic translation done by Ibn-al-Muqaffaʿ The story cycle originated in India between 500 and 100 BCE, and circulated widely in the Near East. The fables were translated into many languages, undergoing significant changes in both form and content.


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This work is either lost, or not yet edited, or the library does not hold a copy.

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