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The Sanaa palimpsest


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  • 2017   Gregorian
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The Sanaa palimpsest   English  

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Non-literary work Discursive work
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"Both parts of this volume, the edition and the introduction, are equally impressive, displaying as comfortable and sure a hand with the technicalities of codicology as with scrutiny and assessment of the Sanaa palimpsest as an historical object. Hilali's technical as well as analytical judgements are sober and acutely insightful. They disallow the intrusion of anachronistic considerations and the inflection of judgement by unnecessary yet all-too-common theological or doctrinal assumptions. Instead, the author's interpretation and choices display a keen sense for clues, and open avenues towards reconstructing one more element in the jigsaw puzzle that is the interconnected histories of Qur'anic enunciation, composition, reiteration, redaction, and early circulation."--Aziz al-Azmeh, University Professor, Department of History, Central European University, Budapest "Dr Hilali's anticipated publication on the Sanaa palimpsest provides fresh material for the further study of this fascinating document and offers new hypotheses about its origins. I have no doubt that the field of Qur'anic studies will greatly benefit from her insightful study."--François Déroche, Professor of the History of the Qur'an (Text and Transmission), Collège de France

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