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التراجم الجليلة الجلية والأشياخ العالية العلية



Date of creation
  • 14th century   Gregorian
Preferred title

التراجم الجليلة الجلية والأشياخ العالية العلية   Arabic  

Work type Single work
Biographic work Collective biography
Work manifested Early work
Work genre Textual work

Ibn Aybak ad-Dumyaṭī was an historian specialized in recording the scholarly lives of the learned men of his generation. His most important work of this genre was at-Tarāǧim al-ǧalīla al-ǧaliyya wa-l-ašyāḫ al-ʿāliya al-ʿaliyya in which he recounted the intellectual life of the chief judge Taqī d-Dīn as-Subkī (d. 756/1355) and which is important for the following reasons: It is the only source which mentions in detail the books that as-Subkī studied with his teachers and reveals a clear picture of his strong interest in the Prophetic hadīṯs. It unveils information about as-Subkī’s travels and mentions teachers that are found in no other source. It is one of the most important sources which were relied upon by Ibn Ḥaǧar in ad-Durar al-kāmina and by aṣ-Ṣafadī in Aʿyān al-ʿaṣr and al-Wāfī bi-l-wafayāt.

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