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Roads of Arabia : Archäologische Schätze aus Saudi-Arabien

Work type Single work
Non-literary work Catalogue (Exposition, Paris, Musée du Louvre, 14 July-27 September 2010)
Work manifested Monograph
Work genre Textual work

Adult, serious

Preferred title

Roads of Arabia : Archäologische Schätze aus Saudi-Arabien   German  

Variant title
  • Roads of Arabia : archaeology and history of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia   English  
  • Routes d'Arabie : archéologie et histoire du royaume d'Arabie saoudite   French  

Editorial director

Date of creation
  • 2011   Gregorian

Roads of Arabia: The Archaeological Treasures of Saudi Arabia presents the historical legacy to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of some 400 artefacts. These are treasures displayed for the first time in Germany. Here is the evidence of prehistoric and early historic life in the Arabian Peninsula: The earliest tools, anthropomorphic stelae dated at 6.000 years old, Egyptian monumental statues, as well as striking glass and metal objects and fascinating markers of the revolution in ceramics. Of very special importance are the rarely-seen objects from the Kaaba and Mecca. The history and archaeology of Arabia’s trade and pilgrimage routes and their role in cultural and technology transfer give textual, tactile and visual evidence of the way cultures have mixed and melded over the millennia. This Exhibition Textual Companion offers information in further depth, provided by experts in this new and burgeoning field of research.

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