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Sapientia Islamica

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  • 2019   Gregorian   
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Sapientia Islamica   Latin  

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A significant recent development in Islamic Studies has been an intensification of interest in the formal intellectual legacy of Muslim civilisation. A growing number of monographs and conferences have shed light on the still very inadequately mapped world of medieval and later Muslim intellectuals. This important new series provides a platform for the latest and most innovative scholarly work in this area.

Reflecting a growing awareness that Sufism and the disciplines of theology and philosophy were often closely interlinked, this series allows the juxtaposition of aspects of the heritage which hitherto have often been unnaturally differentiated, and a better consideration of thinkers whose intellectual achievement reflected an ability to combine and cross-fertilise Sufism and Falsafa with the more formal and institutionalised madrasa discipline of Kalām. The series will also support the recent perspective which appreciates that Islamic intellectual movements are to be understood in the context of the far-flung umma, rather than restricted to given or familiar geographical areas. Studies which shed light on the intellectual output and influence of ‘peripheral’ domains of Islamicate culture will be particularly welcomed.

The series will also showcase the current turn in Islamic intellectual historiography which recognises the inherent interest of thinkers who lived after the putative 'golden age' of Islamic culture. Stretching and challenging older paradigms, the ongoing liveliness and creativity of Muslim thought into the early modern and modern period will be acknowledged.

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